Our Top Wine Pairing Picks for Pancake Day

Our Top Wine Pairing Picks for Pancake Day

Yay it's here, Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday, marking the start of lent and the countdown towards Easter. It’s a chance to show off your skills in the kitchen and settle the year-long argument on who is the best pancake flipper!

 A few of our Savoured Pairings

Lemon & Sugar (El Classico) 

Everyone’s first and the choice of the traditionalist. But why not try a wine pairing this year and spice things up, you won’t regret it. Moscato d’Asti, is a lightly sparkling, low abv, sweet wine from Piedmont. Don’t get it confused with that nasty ‘Asti’ stuff you may see in the supermarket – it’s a completely different product. It’s low abv so perfect for mid-week drinking but it’s also packed full of orange blossom, honeysuckle and sweet Amalfi lemon to compliment your pancakes.

Chocolate Spread & Banana (for those of you with a sweet tooth) 

You’ll love Jurançon with your pancakes, a sweet late harvest wine from the South of France with flavours of tropical fruits and dried apricots and confit orange. It has plenty of freshness to help cut through the richness of the chocolate

Cheese / Savoury Fillings (French style)

If you’re doubling down on savour & sweet pancakes then we applaud you. But you’re going to need some wine to help you through those rich pancakes and top off your night in style. This requires some Picpoul aka ‘The Lipsmaker’, highly refreshing, zippy and leaves you going back for more. At this affordable price it’s also great for mid-week drinking. 

Duck Pancakes (for the nonconformist but uber foodies out there)

You don’t want to celebrate pancake day in a traditional way but would like an excuse to have one of your favourites. Pinot noir and duck is such a classic combination that’s hard to beat. Think of the Pinot Noir as plum sauce being added to your duck. It’s light enough not to overpower but still has good freshens to break up the richness of the duck.



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