A trip to Portugal

There’s more to Portugal than just Port!

We’ve always been super proud of our Portuguese wine selection. There are plenty of interesting indigenous grapes to explore. Unique regions with a story to tell. And they always represent excellent value for money. So let's jump in and explore a bit deeper. If you’re keen to taste, join our Portuguese tasting on 20th July.

The History

Portugal has a long history of producing wine, and ancient civilisations like the Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians have made wine there. There’s winemaking evidence that dates back nearly 4000 years. Portugal is known for producing some of the best cork in the world and is regarded as one of the highest-quality producers. However, the wines apart from Port have fallen under the radar.


One of the most notable Portuguese regions is the Douro Valley, in 1756, it also became the world's first controlled wine region – a significant advancement for the world of wine.

Portugal is also well known for producing some of the best-fortified wines in the world, with many of the best restaurants serving Port & Madeira.

The region of Vinho Verde is becoming more popular now with its thirst-quenching flavours and great value for money.

If you’re looking for full-bodied, spicy wines, the Dão has a long history of making well-balanced yet deeper flavours. It produces high-quality wines with the potential for ageing and development, making them perfect for collectors.

And regions such as Alentejo, Lisboa, Tejo and Bairrada are starting to get a name for themselves, producing some excellent examples using local grapes.


You may recognise many grape varieties that are also grown in Spain; some even have different names, with both countries claiming them. But Portugal has over 250 indigenous grape varieties.

Some Portuguese varieties to look out for are - Touriga Franca, Castelão, Fernão Pires, Touriga Nacional, Trincadeira, Baga, Síria / Roupeiro and Arinto.

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