Fish & Chips Day

Fish & Chips Day
Friday 27th May brings us up to International Fish & Chips Day. As you know at Bottles ‘N’ Jars we only celebrate the really important national days😉, so this year we’re going big for National Fish & Chips Day. We’ve got you covered with some top pairings for all your favourites, whatever your order is. So, get down to your local chippie and stock up on a delicious bottle of wine to pair from us.


Fish, chips & tartare sauce

You don’t like messing around and you want the ultimate classic pairing

An English wine pairing for this classic English dish. But it doesn’t stop there, from this sparkling wine made in London you get a powerful hit of fresh lemon zest, aromatic aromas and toasty freshly baked bread flavours to pair with the batter.

 Sausage, chips & curry sauce

If fish & chips aren’t quite your bag, but you want to get the experience

This has been a big customer favourite next door in the restaurant at the Engine Rooms. An Australian blend of Riesling, Gruner and pinot blanc, it’s fresh, lively and aromatic. Everyone knows sausage loves Riesling. It’s a match made in heaven and will also keep your curry sauce in check.

Scampi, chips & mushy peas

Childhood memories and always a crowd-pleaser

Wines from North-West Spain (aka Green Spain) are made to go with seafood, it’s all to do with the zippy freshness and mouth-watering texture here. It will liven up your scampi while not overpowering it. It also has some fresh green herbaceous notes, perfect with the peas.


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