Come on a Holiday Wine Trip with us!

Come on a Holiday Wine Trip with us!

Wine has the ability to transport us to special places and times, great bottles of wine will capture the vintage, place and sense.

This is what some people like to refer to as factors of ‘Terroir’, but we won't get into that just yet. You may be feeling the post-holiday blues or you might not have managed to get abroad/away this summer, either way, come with us on a road trip around Europe in our old skool VW campervan. We’ll escape and be transported through these bottles to a few of our favourite holiday destinations. 

Destination 1 – We’re starting in the South West of France in the Languedoc region with a glass of the pink stuff with Christophe who also makes Picpoul and is famous for growing melons.

2021 CB Midi Rosé, Christophe MuretA blend of Cinsault & Syrah best enjoyed in the sunshine. A juicy and elegant style of rose that has hints of fresh raspberries.

Local cuisine – This classic dish originates from Provence and is all about simplicity. Ratatouille is all about the fresh vegetables (from the big classic French market in the town square), summer herbs, and really good olive oil. This calls for a refreshing and delicate rose wine to wash it all down with.

Destination 2 – We’re driving East to the port of Toulon and catching the ferry down to the port of Golfo Aranci on the Italian Island of Sardinia and meeting Irish master of wine Mick who’s making come very tasty orange wine on the island.

V1. Buccia not Battles, Cancedda O’Connel – A skin contact Vermentino made for summer sippin’. Wonderful rich texture with a long finish, flavours of dried herbs, almond skin, and yellow apples.

Local cuisine - Pane Carasau or Carta da Musica (bread as thin as music sheets) and local sheep's cheese. This kind of bread is only found on the island of Sardinia and is somewhere between a popadom and a breadstick. The fleshy peach and grey pear notes will pair beautifully with the cheese. 

Destination 3 – Time to head back to the mainland, so we're hoping on a ferry and setting sail from the port of Porto Torres to sunny Barcelona, after a stopover we’re driving over to North West Spain affectionately known as ‘Green Spain’, for a refreshing glass of Albarino with some local octopus.

2021 Albarino, Terra Norte – This is the latest project by Miguel Angel & Moreira Manyo. It's like biting into a fresh green apple with the backbone of lemon zest and a super long finish. Try this wine with some freshly caught seafood, that's simple but deliciously cooked, it won't let you down.

Local Cuisine – Galicia is famous for its octopus, it’s no wonder the local wines pair so perfectly with the food. Fresh octopus is simply cooked in a salad with lots of paprika, potatoes, and good olive oil. The zingy Albarino will bring everything together and leave you wanting more.

 Destination 4 – After a road trip down to the port of Cadiz, we’re catching the ferry to the fascinating volcanic island of Tenerife. We’ll be sippin’ on a local grape variety known as Listan Negro.

2018 Atlante, Listan Negro - Listán Negro, the indigenous grape variety of the Canary islands. A serious wine that packs a punch for the money, forest floor smokiness with deep flavours of blackcurrants, and a mineral edge that gives wines from these volcanic islands so much character. Try it lightly chilled too.

Local cuisine – We can’t mention the Canary islands without talking about Mojo, this local sauce is made of garlic, olive oil, roasted peppers, and citrus juice, traditionally bitter orange juice just makes everything more delicious! Try marinating some meat & veggies in Mojo then grilling over the BBQ. This sauce will complement the wine and bring out some of the complexities.   


It's been a pleasure having you on this wine & food trip around to Europe! All the wines are available to purchase individually or perhaps you fancy drinking them all, then it's as easy as grabbing your Holiday Wine pack here £83!

We look forward to seeing you all in the shop soon!

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